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Myth # 4: If something tweaks or tickles, that is, it works. The components, which give a feeling of the skin, for example. Alcohol, menthol, peppermint, eucalyptus and citrus, there are many anti-acne cosmetic products, although there is no research on their activity against acne. These are the ingredients while irritating the skin, and the worsening of her condition! Irritation that causes, stimulates the skin even more sebum production. In… Read Article →

I truly like this in light of the fact

I truly like this in light of the fact that it’s think its saturating on the cuticles and I have two individuals I’ll expertise it’s truly difficult to get them soft it’s truly difficult to inspire them to search pleasant and for me it is a great deal endeavors so this I truly enjoyed yet I have a couple other fingernail skin creams and salves that I didn’t need to… Read Article →

capabilities of their skin.

Recent speculation that paraffin is harmful cosmetic ingredients are true to say that each of the substances present in creams is detrimental to health. Everything must be used in moderation and know the capabilities of their skin. It is worth remembering that makes it ideal for very low temperatures. They should reach out for her people having problems with the skin dry, atopic and damaged. That’s why winter is one… Read Article →

Hydrating Serum Anti Btses

Btses Short description For use on wrinkles and expression lines caused by micro-stresses the muscles of the face (forehead, cheeks, the space between the eyebrows, eyes and mouth). Short description Intensive serum vials with mandelic acid (10%), hyaluronic acid (3%) and chlorhexidine gluconate (0.2%). Treatment of skin aging (pigmentation, wrinkles, sagging). Also recommended for oily skin prone to seborrheic dermatitis, as well as an adjunct therapy hyperpigmentation. MORE INFORMACJISUBSTANCJE CZYNNESPOSÓB… Read Article →

In the next rozmasowujemy a circular

In the next rozmasowujemy a circular motion skin between the eyebrows – this allows smooth skin and lighten somewhat lion’s wrinkle, also called frown of anger or rage. We provide 5-10 circular, gentle movements, according to the clockwise direction. Automasaż eye area end up at the temples, doing gentle zig-zag movements from top to bottom and from bottom to top. You can also rub these circular motion. We repeat this… Read Article →

How to nurture your skin in winter

How to nurture your skin in winter? Rough and unpleasant to the touch – this makes the winter our skin if we nurture it improperly. Do not let this happen! How to nurture your skin and what treatments should be carried out in the winter? Check it out! Top 10 news cosmetic December December is the month of giving each other presents. It’s also the perfect time to please herself…. Read Article →

Sodium Salt of Hyaluronic

Sodium salt of hyaluronic acid in natural protects the skin to form a film on the surface. It has excellent soothing properties, effectively moisturizes dry skin prone to chapping, excessively dried. Smoothes, improves elasticity, firmness. Well-hydrated stratum corneum is more permeable to the active substance. The extract of ginkgo biloba stimulates and strengthens the cardiovascular system, improves blood circulation, strengthens the blood vessels, is a very potent antioxidant. In cosmetics… Read Article →

Minimize Scarring Skin

3. In addition to the fight against blackheads, comes to the fore and the fight against discoloration and scars. Since I have a whole arsenal półproduktowy, which I will write a separate post. In summary, the objectives for the period 01.09.2012-01.03.2013 are as follows 😉 – To finish the damn nasty blackheads – Get rid of discolorations – Minimize scarring – Further anti-wrinkle prevention (so far, knock on wood, face… Read Article →

A woman running in the driveway

A woman running in the driveway in the middle of the forest During the last decades, researchers around the world have done a number of studies have attempted to identify factors affecting endurance performance. The last century, the early results indicate that the maximal oxygen uptake and the factors influencing it are significant and some would say the only limiting factor in endurance performance. Maximal oxygen uptake can be described… Read Article →

I found it worthwhile to purchase them,

I found it worthwhile to purchase them, especially since it did not cost much. However, the only model available was a small patch for the eye area. I expected that I get the typical patches of medical quality, but paczuszce came something completely different. Ipachi slices are very thin – it almost sticky film. It is easy to destroy even trying to take them off of laminated cardboard. Before they… Read Article →